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The app is also not 100% stable, even if it not far off.All I saying is the software is truely what makes the Google phones shine in the camera department, the sensor isn anything super special and a lot of other phones have really capable sensors that are simply let down by lackluster software.Also the Gcam software on third party phones has not had the time to fully dial in everything for each phones camera yet, quality has already been improving over each iteration of Gcam from a few of the developers. But I am also not delusional, I know it impossible to expect a handful of developers from around the world to be able to fine tune the software to dozens of different phones hardware at the same level as the pixel team could when they are targeting a single platform.I still believe this will be a much different conversation once Night Sight and Nightscape have both been ported to the OnePlus 6. I take a lot of low light shots for work and am looking forward to this function most.Maryjaneclouds 1 point submitted 8 days agoNo luck after full wipe, google apps crashes during phone setup and soft bricks the os, honestly thinking of trying a different rom at this point :/ Also jsut some more info, i got this phone second hand and am trying to get it rooted and have lineage os running, it was running stock rom locked bootloader..

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