It sticks and it stays hot for a WHILE

How to Make Encaustic Medium

Encaustic is an ancient Canada Goose sale art medium that is useful for painting, collage and a few less art and more practical molding and casting applications. Encaustic medium is a combination of bleached and purified beeswax and gum damar. So if you’re not sure, skip ahead to that to see the possibilities. While it’s beautiful uk canada goose outlet and versatile, there are a canada goose store number of very important safety concerns that are included. This will need to be okay to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. I use the handle of a plastic spoon for most stirring, and wooden popsicle stick and toothpicks for some things. a scale. The one in this picture is a postal scale, and that’s not right. I flaked when I took the picture. You want a kitchen type scale for this that measures in 1 gram increments. oven mitts, an ‘ove glove’ or some other way to not burn your hands a metal knife or palette knife. Because of this there are a few things you should have to keep yourself protected: canadian goose jacket safety glassesOdds are, canada goose clearance you won’t need these, but if you need them you REALLY need them. Make sure you wear them Canada Goose Outlet at least the first time you try this. If you manage to set your wax on fire it will behave much like a grease/oil fire. Hot wax can hit you in the face/eyes and cause severe injury. It sticks and it stays hot for a WHILE. You can also get powdered pigment in your eyes which would be especially problematic if you’re making, say, CADMIUM red paint. buy canada goose jacket breathing protectionIf you can swing it, it’s definitely best to work right next to an Canada Goose Jackets open window while you’re melting the wax and damar. It’s also smart to wear a dust mask at least, and a NIOSH approved mask if possible. Close the window and wear a mask for sure while working with pigments. Powdered pigments can become canada goose airborne very easily, and when this happens it is easy to inhale them. Many pigment are highly toxic, so breathing them is not a good idea. heat protection for your handsI have and ‘Ove canada goose coats on sale Glove’ and love it to death. Being a glove instead of a mitt gives me a lot more control over what I’m doing. Again, it’s hot wax and it can burn you. baking sodaYou’ll use this in case uk canada goose of buy canada goose jacket cheap a fire. If the wax does start to burn first unplug the skillet, then remove anything flammable from nearby, then, if necessary, use the baking soda to smother the fire. More damar makes for a harder wax, less damar makes it softer. You’ll be able canada goose coats to decide on a ratio for yourself after using it for a while. There’s no way to do this reliably by volume (damar is a plant product and varies quite a bit). My cheap canada goose uk kitchen scale cost $4 at K Mart, and has been well worth the investment. Just make sure you use the ‘tare’ feature to get the most exact measurement possible. In my demo I used 50 grams of wax to 5 grams of damar. It leaves a residue behind, so I usually crush mine in a small plastic bag to keep my equipment clean. The more crushed it is the faster it will melt. Use the pliers to bend the top edge to have a pouring spout. Put it on the skillet and turn it to medium heat. You can stir it a bit to help it along (this is where you use your mitts/glove to help not spill it. Stir it from time to time. The damar is basically tree sap, and it will turn back into a tree sap like substance part way through melting. This will probably stick to your stirrer. Pick up your can and pour the wax mixture into the molds. I usually fill mine about 3/4. Put a little in, mix it in with a popsicle stick or toothpick, then leave it alone. There is no rule about how much pigment to use because every pigment has a different intensity. If you decide later that the color is too weak you can add more pigment when you use it. If you decide it’s too strong you can dilute it with uncolored medium later. It’ll turn white (or get lighter if it’s colored) as it cools. This is the organic material from the damar. There may also be some chunks of pigment. You’ll want to scrape this off with the palette knife or butter knife. If your medium is uncolored and you take much wax off you can toss it back into the can to re melt later as well. Scrape until there’s no weird stuff left. As always, you’re using a knife and canada goose uk shop could cut yourself. I’ve used it for casting into an existing mold, then reshaping the canada goose uk black friday cast piece and making a fresh mold from it. Silicones, rubbers and resins rarely stick to it. And by rarely, I mean I’ve never gotten cheap Canada Goose it to stick to those canada goose factory sale things, but I haven’t tried every single available product. It’s harder than Canada Goose online normal wax so it doesn’t melt or soften in warm weather nearly as quickly. It also stands up to mold making and casting materials that heat up from chemical reactions longer than most other waxes. It’s great for canada goose uk outlet some prototyping because as soon as you’re done you can re melt it for something else. canada goose black friday It’s also pretty easy to carve.

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