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Canada Goose Parka As others have noted, Lesion is an excellent choice for starting out. His Gu mines are simple to use and can be placed in choke points on the map. When you see the little Gu mine icon disappear, you then know which way one or more of the attackers are coming from. He also has impact grenades which are great for opening up rotations between bomb sites or in other strategic areas on the map. With the impacts and location information you get with a triggered Gu mine, you can get pretty good at preparing yourself for defending a given angle or stalling the attacker’s push from a certain direction. You can also save an impact grenade and place a Gu behind a soft wall, and when the attacker steps on it, open up the wall with an impact and the attacker then becomes a sitting duck.As for optics, ACOG is pretty much your best bet. If that isn’t an option, then it’s up to personal preference really. Other Roamers, like Ela, can use cheap Canada Goose their gadget to help you detect the enemy in the building, so if you want to play outside the site, I would suggest her.Her gun was heavily nerfed, but if you shoot with bursts rather than full auto, it still a weapon I love.Frost is sadly no that much in Canada Goose sale the meta, it easily countered by people who know how to play canada goose clearance the game. but now as much as canada goose uk outlet Kapkan, if you ask me.Frost can be placed in more sublte Canada Goose Jackets ways Canada Goose Online (ex: not in front of a door, but slightly on the side so that when they enter and try to take cover they get trapped), gives a sure wounded enemy and Twitch can destroy (which, considering Twitch pickrate, is a huge bonus).Her weapons are getting buffed, canada goose store and her SMG in particular is going to be 45 punch in Canada Goose Outlet the face (not with a huge RoF but nvm) so that she will kill (not wound, kill) 2 armor ops in range.She isn the best cheap canada goose uk pick, but I like her.Others suggested to get uk canada goose Lesion over her, and while it true, at your level, Frost can be pretty powerful.If I can give my persona suggestion canada goose uk black friday anyway, some of the best choices for a beginner (after Lesion) are Lion, Hibana and Valkyrie.Lion gadget is pretty powerful, and when the main roles in a team are covered, he is always useful (also, he has a really good gun imo). You just gotta learn to not spam it but to use it when your team is pushing, keeping angles and so on. It not a CoD UAV, it needs some smart use.Hibana Canada Goose Coats On Sale is the 2nd hard breacher in the game, and she is used A LOT for a reason. If your thermite needs help, or you find out that you prefer her over Thermite (as I do) she is a godly addition to your canada goose uk shop rooster early on. The Hard Breacher is anyway an essential role, so I would suggest to leave it to others buy canada goose jacket if you see that they istapick her.Valkyrie is another defender which is just too good to not have. She is. yeah, hard to master, but without playing her you won ever learn her. And anyway, tons of people prefer more flashy defenders like Vigil, canada goose factory sale Bandit and so on, so I found out that she is a good OP for beginners, since she isn much picked.Said so, the scopes depend on your play style. But you can go wrong with the ACOG on basically any attacker and 3 Armor defender like Echo, Rook and Doc.At higher levels maybe someone prefer to have Holo or Reflex to avoid tunnel vision, but I do love the advantage at medium range that the acog gives you. I won entire game with a decent gun with a defender acog on it (seriously, Rook. Pick him. I encourage you to start terrorist hunts and just test out sights. For the most part you canada goose will want canada goose clearance sale to use ACOGs on guns that have the option Canada Goose Parka to use it. There is a healthy argument for using either holographic or reflex.Holographic: canada goose coats on sale very tiny red dot at center of sight makes it easy to aim at targets and line up angles or shots. However the sight housing is thick which obstructs some vision, and there is a red circle around the center dot that covers a bit of what you see.Reflex: green triangle with top vertex as canada goose coats the center aiming point. You have Canada Goose Outlet to line up the top of the triangle with your target as opposed to the center of the triangle so uk canada goose outlet aiming can feel weird for a beginner. Frost. Caveira requires map knowledge a lot.For my suggestion, Lesion is best 1st DLC defender. His gadget can be used on every site of every map. His smg is pretty decent.To answer you question about sights, here is my canada goose black friday sale answer:Acog is really good for mid to long range, but suffers in close range.If you play passive peeker then acog is your best bet. If you play more aggresive, take other sights, its personal choice. Im using reflex sights on almost everything. Its small and precise buy canada goose jacket cheap but triangle blocks part of view. canadian goose jacket In vertical play is holo better.To be honest, Canada Goose online I don think acog is a must. Sure, killing spawnpeekers with acog is much easier, but once you get inside building, acog looses a lot of its power. You can see someones head between books, but you miss a lot FoV Canada Goose Parka.