Because Strength and Intelligence now offer bonuses to health

» Kevin Prince, meanwhile, labored through the day, following up crisp passes with bad ones. Coach Rick Neuheisel, though, kept his finger off the panic button. Debates are held at No. Adding to this:Particularly strong supports include Pudge (hook has max range at level 1 so you can easily hook first bounty or a hero off of bounty, and you can constantly get harass in with hooks in dual off) and CM.Particularly weak supports are ones that revolve around constant roaming with minimal lane presence outside of ganks, such as Earth Spirit and Riki.Enchantress is a very strong offlane core. Brood (mid, usually) picks feel slightly more common than they used to (still a last pick punish, though).Pugna+Pudge dual off is fairly popular.Ferrying constant sustain is very common now. Because Strength and Intelligence now offer bonuses to health and mana regen, Salves and Clarities and the like scale, meaning they are far better at keeping you topped off in lane.

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