As recent reports have shown

Fox will have a key role in the leaders attempt to spin the summit, since Trump is being interviewed by Sean Hannity on Monday night, and Putin has sat down with Chris Wallace on Monday. An interview with Trump by Tucker Carlson will air on Fox on Tuesday night.»Shameful, disgraceful, treasonous those are some of the descriptions of what President Trump did today in Helsinki,» Fox Shepard Smith said to open his news show. Wallace appeared with Smith to describe his replica hermes birkin 35 own 35 minute interview with Putin.Wallace said he did what he suspected Trump did not do in the president private meeting with Putin show the Russian leader a copy of the indictments handed down replica hermes belt uk last week against a dozen Russian intelligence officials for their actions in the 2016 presidential election.Putin didn want to hermes birkin bag replica cheap see it, Wallace said.

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