Архивы по месяцам: Сентябрь 2014

A moment of silence for the dead

The decision to stop further inquiry into the death of judge BH Loya will be reviewed by the Supreme Court. The court agreed to take up the matter and revisit its decision of April 19 after a petition was filed by the Bombay Lawyers Association. The court, however, has decided to give the matter a private hearing «in chamber»..

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Two, ensure cabinet ministers identify efficiencies within

trustees sue auction house over jewellery sale

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When they do, it is probably a good idea to pause and reflect

Heroes in lab coats

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Both hats are winners! They are slightly different than the norm in an elegant, understated way perfect for church. I, too, think MT could have added some color with her clutch or shoes. Maybe next time she wears this outfit. The day of June 1st 2011 will be remembered as the day that one of the biggest names in sports called it quits...